Lito Asuncion wins Ultimate Chef Showdown-Manamko’

LONGTIME congregant Lito Asuncion won episode 1 of the Ultimate Chef Showdown- Manamko’, Office on Aging Director Walter Manglona said.

Asuncion competed with Emmanuel Mikel in preparing a “healthy version” of fried rice.

For his victory, Asuncion received low-fat chocolate with milk.

The competition judges were Obrien Tudela, Rosini Reyes, and Cynthia Attao.

Manglona said there will be more manamko’ cooking competitions and demonstrations coming up.

Episode 1 of the “showdown” was held at the Saipan Senior Citizens Center of the Office on Aging on Oct. 1.

“The main purpose of the program is to allow the manamko’ to do something enjoyable and at the same time maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Manglona said.