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CNMI government pays $2.2M in Typhoon Yutu OT pay

AS of last week, the CNMI government had paid about $2.2 million in overtime pay to the government’s frontline workers in the Super Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts, Finance Secretary David DLG Atalig said.

The administration granted a 2.5 OT pay to government officials and employees for the hours they worked in excess of their regular work schedule during the cleanup and restoration activities.

David DLG Atalig

In the few months following Super Typhoon Yutu, which hit Saipan and Tinian a year ago, cabinet members were the first ones to receive their 2.5 OT pay along with over 1,500 government employees. Over a thousand more had to wait for their OT pay as the CNMI government requested reimbursements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In an interview on Monday, Atalig said over the last three weeks, Finance printed checks amounting to about $2.2 million in OT payments for Super Typhoon Yutu response and recovery. These payments were made to everyone in the government, mostly frontline workers, who had been waiting for their OT pay, he added.

“Two or three weeks ago, I did pay partial overtime payments and last Friday I paid the rest of the Super Typhoon Yutu OT,” Atalig said adding that the $2.2 million was the remaining amount that the CNMI government had to pay the frontline workers for their Yutu OT work.

He said over the last six weeks, the CNMI government received from FEMA close to $3 million in reimbursements for vendor payments and other Commonwealth obligations including OT pay.

“As we know, our Department of Finance team had been working hard in trying to identify resources to pay for the OT work performed during and after the disaster of Super Typhoon Yutu,” he said.

“We made sure that the time sheets and everything else were in order, and so we were able to release all the OT payments,” Atalig said.

He added that the CNMI government is now waiting to be reimbursed by FEMA for $9 million in other typhoon-related expenses.

Aside from FEMA reimbursements, Atalig said the CNMI government also tapped local sources to pay for the CNMI government’s obligations incurred during the Super Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts.