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Kagman Emergency Shelter Facility still under repair

THE Kagman Emergency Shelter Facility is still under repair, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Secretary Robert Hunter said.

“We determined it was safe to house shelterees elsewhere during the storm, until this work is completed,” he added.

As of 6 p.m., Monday, 328 individuals or 72 families had sought shelter at eight public schools and at the Office on Aging.

Koblerville Elementary School had 55 individual shelterees or 18 families; Kagman High School, 72 individuals or 18 families; Marianas High School, 82 individuals or 15 families; Tanapag Middle School, seven individuals or one family; San Vicente Elementary School, nine individuals or one family; Dandan Head Start, 19 individuals or five families; Chalan Kanoa Head Start, 47 individuals or seven families; Tinian Elementary School, 16 individuals or eight families; and the Office on Aging, 21 individuals or seven families.

Hunter said they have secured funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the needed repairs and improvements at the Kagman Emergency Shelter Facility.

On Thursday, Hunter added,  engineers were at the facility to assess its plumbing, electrical, doors, reverse osmosis system and generator, among other things. “That work is related to one grant to repair and improve the facility,” he said.

Another grant was secured for the construction of additional barracks to accommodate a larger number of shelterees when necessary, he added.