PSS resumes classes Wednesday; CHCC returns to normal operations

PUBLIC school classes will resume today, Wednesday, while the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. returned to normal operations on Tuesday.

As Typhoon Bualoi approached the Marianas on Sunday and Monday, Koblerville Elementary School, Kagman High School, Marianas High School, Tanapag Middle School, San Vicente Elementary School, Dandan Head Start, Chalan Kanoa Head Start and Tinian Elementary School served as shelters for 343 individuals.

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A sign is posted on the door of Marianas High School’s main office on Monday.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

At 11 a.m. Tuesday, acting Gov. Arnold I. Palacios issued an “all clear” for Saipan and Tinian. As of 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, all who took shelter had returned to their homes.

Before the shelter occupants left the facilities, teams from the Public Health Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program or PHEPP, the Bureau of Environmental Health, and the Community Guidance Center conducted a final survey at all shelters on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

PHEPP director Warren Villagomez said their final visit focused on the mental health of those who sought shelter, with crisis counselors conducting assessments and providing mental health support to the individuals.

He said CHCC’s Area Operation Center, which monitored possible health-related concerns during the typhoon, was deactivated on Tuesday morning.

“We will continue to monitor, through ER and our clinics, any unusual health concerns in the coming days,” Villagomez said.

Normal operations

As soon as the acting governor issued the “all clear” for Saipan and Tinian at 11 a.m. Tuesday, CHCC’s outpatient services resumed normal operations.

The Women’s Clinic, the Children’s Clinic, the Family Care Clinic, the dental clinic, the outpatient pharmacy, the dialysis unit, the chemotherapy unit, physical therapy, and the Tinian Health Center reopened at 12 noon Tuesday.

The outpatient services of CHCC that have likewise resumed their normal schedule include the Immunization Program, the TB/Chest Clinic, the Wellness Clinic, the Treatment and Recovery Clinic, the Systems of Care, and the Garett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Program.