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Dededo mayor: Residents shouldn’t depend on government to clean up

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — To eliminate mosquito breeding sites and reduce the spread of dengue, the Department of Public Works and Dededo Mayor’s Office worked together recently to clean up parts of Swamp Road.

Melissa Savares

This, said Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares, made other villagers envious.

“I was getting calls from people that don’t live on Swamp Road saying, ‘Man, those guys are so lucky,’” she told the Mayors’ Council of Guam during a monthly meeting held Wednesday.

The cleanup yielded 731 cubic yards of solid waste, 3,501 tires, 215 white goods and 257 abandoned vehicles.

But Savares said villagers shouldn’t expect the government to clean up after them.

“We have to change the mentality that it is the government’s responsibility,” she said.

She said the $400,000 the mayors receive annually from the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, when divided among 19 villages, is not enough to pay for all residents’ trash removal.

She said GEPA went out to Swamp Road and other areas of Dededo to give residents notices that if they don’t remove junk cars, tires and other items from their property, they will be issued citations.

Savares, who also serves as president of the mayors’ council, said not even half of island residents pay to have their trash collected.

“That’s the problem with illegal dumping,” she said.

She suggested opening staging sites in all municipalities to which residents can bring their items for removal.

“I think, as a community, we all need to take care of our areas,” she said. “As an island, it is all of our responsibility.”