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Golden Harvest School students perform well at forensic competition

GOLDEN Harvest International School students performed well in the Primary Grade Forensic Conference held on Nov. 2 at Mount Carmel School and hosted by Western Pacific Region-National Speech and Debate Association.

“We really encourage our students to join and support them by coaching them,” school principal Jennifer Reyel said.

“We believe that actively participating in competitions and activities outside their school will help develop their self-esteem,” she added.

Imelda Bautista, the school’s PGFC coordinator, said she is proud of all the Golden Harvest students who participated in the competition.

Reyel, for her part, thanked the coaches — Grace Mallari, Imelda Bautista, Carmela Valdez, Roberto Bagasala and Jeanne Salcedo — for supporting the students.

Golden Harvest International School students and their teachers pose for a photo.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. LirioGolden Harvest International School students and their teachers pose for a photo. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

The following is the list of participating Golden Harvest students:

K-2 Division

Dramatic Interpretation

1st place - Clea Janel Manangan

Humorous Interpretation

2nd place - Amir Zachariah Brantley

3rd place - Clea Janel Manangan

Reader’s Forum B

5th place - Kiel Vincent Drilon

Duo A

1st place - Jenivier Rose Ruamero and Adam Sureta

2nd place - Gabriel Frederick Cariaso and Kayleigh Zoey Cabanas

4th place - Precious Aarya Rubia and Candice Trasmano

5th place - Miguel Jasher Angustura and Nicko Andrei Fernandez

Choral Speaking

1st place - Gabriel Frederick Cariaso, Precious Aarya Rubia, Kyrie Tehyo Jimenez, Candice Trasmano, Kayleigh Zoey Cabanas

2nd place - Althea Dionn Lauron, Jhayrolin Brigham Cruz, Jenivier Rose Ruamero, Kiel Vincent Drilon, Adam Sureta

4th place - Raizel Gail Atalig, Gielyn Manlulu, Alleyah Fei Soguilon, Alyssa Joy Sublemente

3-5 Division

Dramatic Interpretation

5th place - Carlyn Juliann Zapata

Reader’s Forum A

5th place-Kaitlyn Alexza Drilon

Reader’s Forum C

1st place - Alexia Aulene Rubia

Reader’s Forum Chamorro

4th place - Vhonn Vincent Flandez

Duo A

2nd place - Arthur Angel Deliva and Jan Alverne Santos

Duo B

1st place - Stephanie Joyce Sevilla and Juliana Magan Subang

2nd place - Kazzandra Arielle Drilon and Clyde Jason Manangan

Choral Speaking

1st place - Mary Audrey Bansil, Alexia Aulene Rubia, Arthur Angel Deliva, Vhonn Vincent Flandez, Jan Alverne Santos

2nd place - Andre Amour Zapata, Lindsey Castillo, Kaitlyn Alexza Drilon, Stephanie Joyce Sevilla, Juliana Magan Subang

3rd place - Sofia Cariaso, Henna Mae Valdez, Zoe Althea Ardieta, Clyde Jason Manangan

4th place – Kierstian Sandico, Carlyn Juliann Zapata, Kazzandra Arielle Drilon.