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GCA Eagles keep soaring high in different competitions

(GCA) — Grace Christian Academy students from kindergarten to 12th grade keep soaring high like eagles, their school mascot, in different competitions for the past weeks. They persevere and soar high as they compete in speech and debate, reading, writing, art, music and sports competitions.

Primary Grades Forensic Conference

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GCA Junior High Lady Eagles Basketball Team with their coaches after the championship game at MHS gym.
GCA Junior Thespian November winner Sara Elizabeth Keaton
GCA NJSDA October winners have their picture taken in the Rev. Raymond S. Kinsella Library.
GCA November winners have their picture taken in the Rev. Raymond S. Kinsella Library.
GCA My Hero Contest winners have their picture taken at the GCA campus on Navy Hill.
GCA NSDA October winners have their picture taken in the Rev. Raymond S. Kinsella Library.
Math Court High School October winners have their picture taken near a mural depicting their school mascot.  GCA photos

Grace Christian Academy Kinder to 5th grade Eagles bag 37 awards with 7 first place awards in the second monthly qualifying of Primary Grades Forensic Conference competition in November. The first placers are: 2nd grade En Mei Victoria Huang both in Impromptu Speaking and Readers Forum, K5 students Gwen Alexandra Retardo and Beau Bauer in Impromptu Speaking, 3rd grade students Qihan Wang in Dramatic Interpretation and Mariska Badal in Readers Forum, and 4th grade Eliane Nerisse Pagaduan in Impromptu Speaking.

National Junior Speech & Debate Association

In the Junior High category, all the 18 GCA 6th-8th grade competitors are winners in one or two events that they joined in National Junior Speech & Debate Association and bag 5 first place in that division. The first placers are: 6th grade Janus Roman Calayo in Impromptu Speech, 8th grade students Gabriel Angelo Retardo in Impromptu Speech, 7th grade students Julianna Rue Magtalas in Prose Reading, Tae Hee Kim and Eunice Nicole Pagaduan in Poetry Reading. Tae Hee Kim was with the Team CNMI who competed in the US for the national competition last school year.

National Speech & Debate Association

There are only 3 competitors in the high school division and they are all winners with 3 first place awards in the National Speech & Debate Association. GCA 11th grade Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga won two 1st place in International Extemporaneous Speech and Impromptu Speech and 9th grade James Alexander Keaton won 1st Place in United States Extemporaneous Speech. All of the 3 GCA NSDA competitors were veterans and already experienced competing in the national competition in the U.S. for the previous school years.

Junior International Thespian Society

Sara Elizabeth Keaton, the only GCA competitor in Junior Thespian competition, took home 1st place in Solo Musical. Keaton continues to improve her musical skills has been competing in Solo Musical in Junior Thespian since 6th grade.

Math Court High School

GCA students shine in High School Math Court in the last monthly qualifying competition last October. All of the 3 competitors emerged as winners in their grade level. Ryan Daproza won 3rd place in 9th grade, Julie Quan won 4th place in 11th grade, and Seong Beom Kevin Song won 1st place in 12th grade. Their Team GCA also won the bronze award in the team results. Quan was part of Team CNMI who competed in the U.S. last school year.

My Hero Contest

From over 100 entries, two of the four winners of “My Hero Contest” sponsored by Commonwealth Health Care Corp.’s Crisis Counseling Program are from Grace Christian Academy. Students were challenged to recognize the most important person who taught them what it means to triumph over adversity.

Joaquin Torres, 2nd grade is the winner of the drawing contest in the elementary level. His drawing is about people who are really brave in responding and helping in the recovery efforts after the Super Typhoon Yutu like the policemen, emergency medical team, and power utility crew.

Anthony Deleon Guerrero, 9th grade, is one of the 2 winners of the high school writing contests. In his story, he said that he considered his grandfather as his hero and he was the one who taught him the meaning of resiliency.

Public School System Interscholastic Girls Middle School Basketball League

GCA Junior High Lady Eagles almost bagged the championship in the Public School System Interscholastic Girls Middle School Basketball League, but missed it by only 1 point. The Lady Eagles went into the finals undefeated after sweeping the 8 games in the regular season.

The members of the GCA Lady Eagles squad are Chelsea Henzon, Julianna Magtalas, Azriel Fatialofa, Charisse Camacho, Tae Hee Kim, Cassie Regan, Eunji Hahn, and Julia Taitano.

Coach Genesis Prieto said, “It was a great game! We did not capitalize on the last possession, and the three pointers was big one for the other team. It was a great experience, the first week of October we were not sure if we will have a win and we decided to take it one game at a time. We came in the competition not knowing we will reach the championship game... it was a humbling experience! We thank and praise God for the game; the girls learned the game and had fun! Thank you to all our fans and congrats to Dandan Middle School 2! Let’s Go Eagles!”

The GCA community would like to congratulate the GCA competitors for doing their best in extra-curricular activities. Also, thank you to all the parents, volunteer judges, and coaches for their support and all the help they have given in this competition. Below is the complete list of winners.

Primary Grades Forensic Conference GCA November 2019 winners


Dramatic Interpretation

Jing Xi Gigi Yang, 2nd Place

Mirielle Isla Badal, 3rd Place

Gwen Alexandra Retardo, 4th Place

Yunze Leo Li, 5th Place

Humorous Interpretation

Beau Bauer, 4th Place

Impromptu Speaking A

Beau Bauer, 1st Place

Impromptu Speaking B

En Mei Victoria Huang, 1st Place

Mirielle Isla Badal, 2nd Place

Impromptu Speaking C

Gwen Alexandra Retardo, 1st Place

Gina Kwon, 5th Place

Readers Forum A

Hayul Shin, 2nd Place

Readers Forum Masters A

En Mei Victoria Huang, 1st Place

Fiona Yu, 5th Place

Readers Forum Masters B

Seung Woo Lee, 5th Place

Choral Speaking

Jing Qi Gigi Yang, 3rd Place

Allen Gil, 3rd Place

Mykah Jax Salas, 3rd Place

Gina Kwon, 3rd Place

Matua Wyatt Puguon, 3rd Place


Dramatic Interpretation

Qihan Wang, 1st Place

Misako Ota, 2nd Place

Arielle Mae Matutino, 3rd Place

Humorous Interpretation

Hans Gabrielle Ordas, 3rd Place

Breanna May Lopez, 5th Place

Duo Interpretation A

Misako Ota, 3rd Place

Maria Sofia Gomez, 3rd Place

Breanna May Lopez, 5th Place

Mariska Badal, 5th Place

Duo Interpretation B

Rooney Gil, 4th Place

Si Woo Lee, 4th Place

Impromptu Speaking A

Justin Yao Ma, 3rd Place

Akira Ito, 5th Place

Impromptu Speaking B

Eliane Nerisse Pagaduan, 1st Place

Arielle Mae Matutino, 3rd Place

Readers Forum Masters A

Qihan Wang, 4thPlace

Readers Forum Masters B

Mariska Badal, 1st Place

Eliane Nerisse Pagaduan, 3rd Place

PGFC Coach/Coordinator:

Mrs. Esther Manzano


Ms. Marilyn Aldan, Mr. James Keaton, Mr. Martin Pangilinan

National Junior Speech

and Debate Association October Winners

Impromptu Speech A

Gabriel Angelo Retardo, 1st Place

Rafael Busby, 3rd Place

Juruel Neilan Magtalas, 4th Place

Impromptu Speech B

Janus Roman Calayo, 1st Place

Andrew Jeren Nunez, 3rd Place

Apollo Benjamin Sicad, 4th Place

Extemporaneous Speech

Andrew Jeren Nunez, 4th Place

Gabriel Angelo Retardo, 5th Place

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 4th Place

Rafael Busby, 5th Place

Dramatic Interpretation

Tae Hee Kim, 2nd Place

Jennifer Woo, 4th Place


Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 3rd Place

Story Telling A

Moira Grace Ernest, 4th Place

Story Telling B

Emma Tenorio, 2nd Place

Earljean Jonathan Pantaleon, 3rd Place

Prose Reading B

Kei Lizama, 3rd Place

Prose Reading C

Julianna Rue Magtalas, 1st Place

Moira Grace Ernest, 3rd Place

Prose Reading Masters A

Jennifer Woo, 2nd Place

Prose Reading Masters B

Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 2nd Place

Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 4th Place

Poetry Reading B

Julianna Rue Magtalas, 2nd Place

Poetry Reading Masters A

Tae Hee Kim, 1st Place

Poetry Reading Masters B

Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 1st Place

National Speech & Debate Association, 9th-12th grades

International Extemporaneous Speech

Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 1st Place

United States Extemporaneous Speech

James Alexander Keaton, 1st Place

Anthony Jacob De Leon Guerrero, 2nd Place


James Alexander Keaton, 1st Place

Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 2nd Place

Impromptu Speech A

Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 1st Place

Anthony Jacob De Leon Guerrero, 3rd Place

GCA Junior International Thespian Society Winner

Solo Musical

Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 1st Place

NJSDA/NSDA/Thespian Coach/Coordinator:

Miss Grace Duran

Competition Registrar:

Mrs. Esther Dominno Manzano


Mrs. Desolee Calayo. Mr. Samuel Rey Smith

GCA Math Court High School October Winners

9th Grade

Ryan Daproza, 3rd Place

11th Grade

Julie Kwan, 4th Place

12th Grade

SeongBeom Kevin Song, 1st Place

Team GCA- Bronze

Ryan Daproza

Julie Kwan

SeongBeom Kevin Song

Math Court Coach/Coordinator:

Mrs. Susan Pajarillaga

GCA My Hero Contest Winners

Drawing contest-Grades K-5

Joaquin Torres, 2nd grade

Writing contest- Grades 6-12

Anthony Deleon Guerrero, 9th grade

GCA Junior High Lady Eagles Basketball Team - 2nd place

Chelsea Henzon

Julianna Magtalas

Azriel Fatialofa

Charisse Camacho

Tae Hee Kim

Cassie Regan

Eunji Hahn

Julia Taitano

Coach: Mr. Genesis Prieto

Assistant Coach: Ms Leah Fabila

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