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Permanent Housing Construction repair program continues

(FEMA) — Super Typhoon Yutu made landfall on the CNMI and passed directly over southern Saipan and Tinian, causing widespread damage to the territory’s homes. Yutu’s trail of destruction left unrecognizable neighborhoods and destroyed dwellings all over the islands.

Many homeowners in Saipan and Tinian have registered for disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and thanks to the agency’s Permanent Housing Construction or PHC repair program, repairs continue to deliver move in ready homes that are more resilient for future storms. FEMA in conjunction with the CNMI governor are pleased to announce the completion of the first repair home. With construction picking up across the island, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this milestone in our program. The repair home was turned over to the homeowner on November 21 and included a repaired roof, smoke detectors, interior finishes and hurricane shutters.

The Permanent Housing Construction program is offered in insular areas outside the continental United States where alternative housing resources are unavailable or scarce, where repairs are neither feasible nor cost-effective. The governor requested the program and FEMA approved and will finance and manage the repair home construction. Applicants have been approved on a case-by-case basis.

“I want to thank FEMA for approving my request to make the PHC program available for our affected homeowners and their families,” said Gov Ralph DLG Torres. “While we are still recovering from the devastation of Super Typhoon Yutu, the ongoing repairs and construction of homes brings renewed hope to the families who have been temporarily displaced by the storm. I also want to thank the many volunteers and construction workers who have traveled here to help our community rebuild and recover.”

PHC-repaired homes are designed to codes and standards including mitigation for Typhoons and are fully concrete, feature typhoon shutters and a water catchment system. Approximately 157 eligible households have elected to participate in PHC-repair program, including 11 on Tinian.