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Administration urged to prioritize Chalan Galaide road rehabilitation

A RESIDENT of Chalan Galaide is asking the administration to address the “perennial problem” of the dilapidated road in the village.

Marie Castro said the road becomes impassable following a heavy downpour.

The number of residents, visitors, and other commuters that use the road has increased through the years, she added.

Lately, several vehicles have had flat tires, and an individual who recently had surgery needed additional medical care after driving on the bumpy road, Castro said.

“This community is clamoring for emergency help,” she said, adding that she will invite the governor and the Department of Public Works secretary to drive from upper Navy Hill to Mount Tapochau so they can see what the community is complaining about.

She noted that House Joint Resolution 20-1 is still pending in the Senate. The resolution is requesting the governor and DPW to reserve over $7.2 million in federal highway funds for the A&E design and construction of roads, drainage, and water catchment tanks from Capital Hill to Mt. Tapochau and from Chalan Galaide to Navy Hill including lateral roads.

Castro said the joint resolution has been introduced “multiple times over the years.”

“It was understood that money was appropriated in the past, for the Navy Hill Road, Chalan Galaide to Tapochau infrastructure, but the funds were applied to other projects due to a Navy Hill resident who refused to cooperate for an access road on his property,” she added.

Making a reference to Article 13 of the CNMI Constitution, she said that the government could “solve” the problem by exercising its “power of eminent domain…to acquire private property necessary for the accomplishment of a public purpose.”