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Hong Kong protests reach Saipan

SIX men on Sunday staged a demonstration in Garapan to express support for the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

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Jia Yi Quin holds a flag, as Peter Huang, in black T-Shirt, and other protesters follow him crossing Beach Road on Sunday.
A protester from Hong Kong carries a placard as he crosses Beach Road in Garapan.
Jia Yi Quin, right, and other protesters stage a rally in front of T-Galleria.  Photos by Emmanuel T. Erediano

The men carried placards, one of which says: “The police of the Communist Party of China are killing the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong policemen rape Hong Kong girls. Hong Kong needs help. SOS Hong Kong.”

Another placard says, “Overthrow the CCP’s authoritarian dictatorship. Establish China’s democratic constitutional government. The Communist Party of China is the most corrupt and evil organization in the world. CCP violates human rights, persecutes religious people, persecutes human rights lawyers.”

One of the protesters, Peter Huang, 35, is a physical education teacher who fled Hong Kong and arrived on Saipan in August.

“The Hong Kong government wants to catch me,” he said, adding that he is among the millions of Hong Kong Chinese who are demanding freedom.

“Freedom is the Chinese people’s dream,” he added.

Jia Yi Quin, 54, carried a red-white-blue flag as he and the other protesters walked on Beach Road while shouting, “Free Hong Kong!”

“We are all supporters of Hong Kong since its people started fighting for freedom,” he said, adding that the Chinese Communist Party “is very, very evil.”

He added, “They killed a lot of young men including middle school students. So we are very angry. We support Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party has to go.”