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Man arrested for strangling girlfriend released to his mother as third-party custodian

VINCENT Quitugua Terlaje, who was arrested after he tried to strangle his girlfriend, was allowed to post bail and was released to his mother as his third-party custodian.

Superior Court Associate Judge Teresa Kim-Tenorio reduced the cash bail of $10,000 to $1,000.

Terlaje, 40, was initially charged with strangulation, assault and battery, and disturbing the peace.

But at the preliminary hearing, Assistant Attorney General Chester Hinds, who represented the government, submitted information to the court that charged Terlaje only with domestic violence: assault and battery.

Hinds objected to the bail modification and the defendant’s release to his mother, citing Terlaje’s previous brushes with the law and probation condition violations.

Assistant Public Defender Jean Nogues argued in favor of bail modification and called Terlaje’s mother to testify.

She told the court that she would immediately call the police if her son will fail to conform to the conditions of his release.

In the early morning hours of Nov. 23, 2019, police responded to a domestic disturbance.

The victim told police that she was picked up by the defendant and they took a “stroll” ending up in his place in As Terlaje.

She said they got into an argument because Terlaje refused to give her cellphone back even though it was constantly ringing. She said she then asked the defendant to drop her to her home, but Terlaje refused.

The victim said when she exited the vehicle and started to leave the area, Terlaje pulled her hair and shoved her a couple of times.

She said she tried to get away from Terlaje, but he wrapped his right arm around her neck and tried to strangle her.

When interviewed by the police, Terlaje denied strangling the victim.

Police learned that prior to the incident, the victim was with her cousin when Terlaje picked her up.

Her cousin later called the police, and asked them to look for the victim as she might be having a domestic issue with Terlaje.

The cousin said when he called the victim, she sounded distressed. He also told the police that they might find the two at Terlaje’s place.

Terlaje is scheduled to appear before Presiding Judge Roberto Naraja for the defendant’s arraignment on Dec. 16 at 9 a.m.