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APIL delegates on island for three-day board meeting

MEMBERS of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures arrived on Tuesday for the opening of its 60th board of directors meeting that the CNMI Legislature is hosting starting today, Tuesday.

Rep. Ivan Blanco, who is also the APIL secretary, said 39 APIL members will attend the three-day meeting.

The delegates include, from Yap, Sens. Jerry Fagolimul and Theodore Rutun who arrived with member-secretariat, Dee Libian; from Chuuk, APIL vice president Sen. Nelson Stephen, Sen. Gardenia Aisek Macayon, Reps. Andrew May, and Shining Sos; from Kosrae, Speaker Tulensa Palik, Sens. Andy Andrew, Rinehart William, Harry Jackson, Alik Isaac, and Floor Leader Jarinson Charley; from Pohnpei, APIL president Sen. Edgar Lickaneth, Sens. Dahker Daniel, Mayleen Shoniber, member-secretariat, Selpelihter Hadley, and legal counsel, Thomas Beckman; from Guam, Sens. Kelly Marsh, Regine Biscoe-Lee, Speaker Tina Muna Barnes, and APIL central secretariat, Walden Weilbacher; from Kiribati, APIL treasurer, Member of Parliament Kaure Babo, and MP Emil Christopher Schutz; from the Marshall Islands, Speaker Kenneth Kedi, Sen. Sherwood Tibon, and chief clerk Morean Watak; from Palau, Sens. Kerai Mariur and Aric Nakamura; and from Hawaii, state Sen. J. Kalani English.

Aside from Blanco, the other CNMI delegates to APIL are Sen. Vinnie Sablan and Rep. Joseph Leepan Guerrero.

The APIL board meeting will be held in the House chamber starting at 8:30 a.m.