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Pacific Historic Parks issues Farrell’s book’s 5th edition

THE slim yet informative chronicle of Tinian’s development from a small village to the world’s largest operational airbase during World War II is now available at the Pacific Historic Parks.

tinianbookThe 113-page “Tinian: A Brief History,” written by local historian Don A. Farrell and edited by New Zealand-based historian Bruce M. Petty is now available on its fifth edition.

Farrell told Variety, “It is owned and distributed by Pacific Historic Parks, which includes American Memorial Park.”

The book, Farrell said, “is actually the fifth edition of the original work, published by our company, Micronesian Productions in 1987.”

“Pleased and honored” that the Pacific Historic Parks has taken over publication and distribution of the book, Farrell said this allows him to do more creative work.

For Farrell, with Pacific Historic Parks at the helm distribution, the book will be made available at their other locations and on their online bookstore.

“That means we will be reaching a larger and wider audience with the history of Tinian,” he said.

On Saipan, the book will be distributed by Pacific Historic Parks at the American Memorial Park Visitor Center bookstore, at the Bookseller in Susupe and at the CNMI Museum in Garapan.

On Tinian, Farrell said his book is available at Fleming Store and the Airport Hangar Lounge.

The book is divided into 13 chapters: prehistory, western contact, Spanish administration, German administration, Japanese administration, Tattersalls: The Combat Phase, Camp Chulu, Tattersalls: The Construction Phase, Tattersalls: The Operational Phase, Launch pad of   Atomic Warfare, The American Administration, Cornerstone of the Commonwealth, and Tinian Today.

tinianbookFarrell explained in the book that the word “Tattersalls” was taken from Operation Tattersalls, the Navy code name for the capture, base development and use of Tinian.

The book is also replete with photographs that speak volumes about the historical periods including the iconic photo of U.S. Marine PFC Federico Claveria giving a piece of candy to an orphan in 1944.

The book also shows recent photographs of Brig. General Paul Tibbets Jr. visiting Tinian and other high-ranking U.S. military officials, the inauguration of Mayor Ramon M. Dela Cruz, Manhattan Project Symposium in 2010 and visit by WWII vets Major Rick Spooner and Lt. Col. Roy Elrod in 2011.

With the book’s fifth edition out, Farrell said, “Our next work will be a new edition of ‘Saipan, A brief history,’ followed by a new edition of ‘Guam: A brief history’.”

“Tinian: A brief history” is not only for English readers but for Japanese readers as well.

The book was translated into Japanese by N. Horiguchi.

According to its website, formerly the Arizona Memorial Museum Association, Pacific Historic Parks supports and funds educational materials, museum exhibits, and interpretive programs for four National Parks in the Pacific: Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor, Kalaupapa National Historical Park on Molokai, American Memorial Park on Saipan and War in the Pacific National Historical Park on Guam.

For more information, go to or visit the Visitor Center at the American Memorial Park, Bestseller in Susupe, CNMI Museum, The Fleming Store and Tinian’s Airport Hangar Lounge.