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NMI has potential renewable energy sources, says expert

THE commonwealth has several potential renewable energy sources that could be tapped to reduce the islands’ reliance on diesel consumption, according to Dr. Peter Lilienthal, founder and CEO of Homer Energy LLC.

Peter Lilienthal
In his PowerPoint presentation yesterday during the Saipan Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Hyatt Sandcastle, he said he had worked in 20 countries and island territories long enough to know that islands have special needs and opportunities.

“There are opportunities and challenges of reducing the CNMI’s reliance on diesel consumption by adding renewable energy to the grid and making renewable energy a reality in the CNMI,” Lilienthal said.

He said there are many alternative energy choices: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, new storage technology, electric vehicles, fuel cells, micro-turbines, micro-grids, demand response, load management and smart grids.

But Lilienthal said these depend on resources, loads, equipment prices and equipment performance.

“Homer Energy fits the pieces together,” Lilienthal said.

He said geothermal and hydro are not applicable to Saipan while biomass and ocean energy are not commercially available.

Green nuclear, he added, is a pipe dream.

Lilienthal said wind is the fastest growing energy source but he also noted that Saipan has an excellent solar resource.

“Solar and wind are variable and integrate well with diesels,” he added.

According to Lilienthal, the “perfect storm “that affects the cost of diesel fuel are price volatility, peak oil, energy security and climate change.

He said Homer Energy is a company that specializes in analyzing electrical island microgrids and designing integration of renewable energy into existing grids.

Homer Energy provides software using Homer energy modeling software used by thousands of people, training and consulting services, he added,

Homer Energy is working with Victor Popolitov, who formed a CNMI company called Initiative, Intelligence, Innovation, Investments CNMI LLC, or 4Is-CNMI.

The company aims to invest in renewable power systems in the CNMI and is a global investor in combined utility and renewable energy projects by bringing investments in dollars from Russia and the Far East.

He said Homer Energy is under contract to 4Is-CNMI to provide technical advice on plant modernization, renewable integration and training five Micronesia utilities in renewable energy.

Lilienthal showed chamber of commerce members examples of how Homer Energy has provided expertise for the integration of renewable power and other microgrids in the Caribbean, Alaska, Australia, Mexico, Chile, California and other places.

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