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Two PHI Pharmacy interns to provide free health services

TWO pharmacy interns from Hawaii are on island to work with PHI Pharmacy in providing free blood glucose and blood pressure screening to members of the community, and perform other health-related activities for the next six weeks.

PHI Pharmacy vice president Bruce Cohen poses with pharmacy interns Matthew Mallaby, left, and Adam Stockdale at the PHI Pharmacy branch in Dandan yesterday. Photo by Raquel C. BagnolPHI Pharmacy vice president Bruce Cohen poses with pharmacy interns Matthew Mallaby, left, and Adam Stockdale at the PHI Pharmacy branch in Dandan yesterday. Photo by Raquel C. BagnolAdam Stockdale is a fourth year pharmacy student taking an undergraduate degree in general medical or pre-med from Washington State University in Washington. Matthew Mullaby obtained his bachelor of science in chemistry degree at the University of Manoa Hawaii and is now, like Stockdale, a fourth year pharmacy student at the University of Hawaii in Hilo.

This is their first time to be on Saipan, and they are excited to meet community members.

Stockdale said they could have done their internship in Alaska, Guam, American Samoa or even Thailand but they chose Saipan.

“Saipan is something different. The outreach here is not something you see in a hospital on the mainland. It’s a different population,” Stockdale said.

He noted that the healthcare here is different from what the states have.

“The healthcare here is not really stable. This is a place that is different in a way that you can really help the people, and they in turn give much respect for pharmacists. This is a place where you can counsel patients who respect your opinion,” Stockdale said.

He added, “Pharmacists here can interact with the people, get to know their wants and needs.”

Mallaby said he wants to see a different side of the world and gain more experience in meeting other people.

“I will be staying in Hawaii after I graduate and the people there will be my patient population,” he added. “This internship can help give us a broader study and outreach, and give patient counseling especially on prevailing diseases such as diabetes, gout other conditions.”

The two interns said they are required to do six blocks of six-week internships at different locations before they get their license.

PHI Pharmacy vice president Bruce Cohen said Stockdale and Mallaby will be interacting with the community and giving presentations and speeches, going on live interviews on the radio and television, and getting involved in other activities to help the people have access to diabetes testing and blood pressure screening as well as answering questions regarding medications.

Cohen said the two may also conduct lectures at Northern Marianas College and join other health-related activities on island.

Stockdale and Mallaby will be providing free blood pressure screening and sugar screening at the PHI Dandan branch on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 pm. until Nov. 1.

“Everybody is welcome to avail themselves of the free testing, to have their sugar and blood pressure checked — whether they are PHI customers or not,” Cohen said.

He said each school year, PHI Pharmacy gets to host five or six groups of interns on Saipan.

Cohen said the interns will be happy to provide services to any function sponsored by schools, churches or community organizations.

“Just give us a call and we will come,” Cohen said.

Stockdale and Mallaby will be here until Nov. 7.

For appointments or more information, visit the PHI Pharmacy at Joeten Dandan, call 235-6170 or visit