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Dora visits Dora

DORA the Explorer came all the way from Florida to visit the island’s own Dora yesterday morning in the intensive care unit at the Commonwealth Health Center.

Dora Grace Camacho is visited in the ICU on Monday by her favorite animated character, Dora the Explorer. Also in photo are Jennifer-Gerald Ada Sablan, Dora’s mother, and Kai-lan. Contributed photo“Her eyes became as big as saucers when Dora and Kai-lan peeked around her bedside and tears started streaming down her face,” said Dora’s mother, Jennifer-Gerald Ada Sablan.

The wildly popular Dora the Explorer and  other Nickelodeon TV channel characters are on island for two days of children’s performances.

Although the “Cable Cares” shows is expected to draw some 1,500 young children, MCV Broadband’s Guam-based vice president for sales and marketing Thomas Takeo Higa said the hospital visit to Dora would be a highlight.

“Dora the Explorer appears throughout the world to give children a real-life experience with a brave and beloved heroine,” he said. “Saipan’s Dora is most definitely a living embodiment of the show’s messages.”

For over a decade, Dora the Explorer has illustrated positive messages for young children that include adventure, bravery, teamwork and working through puzzling challenges all with a smile and can-do attitude.

Dora Grace Camacho, the paralyzed 8-year-old girl on a ventilator in the hospital, personifies all those qualities and more as she battles against boredom, isolation and loneliness.

The same little girl has touched a nerve in the community and rallied 2,227 Facebook friends to swamp the hospital with donations in only two weeks.

The parallels between the two adorable Doras do not stop at attitude and inspiration.

Both are also cute with brown hair and sparkling eyes; an infectious smile underpinned by a strong and positive spirit with gratitude for friends and family who help them navigate through difficult challenges.

Dora the Explorer’s best friend is Boots the monkey who supplies steady companionship akin to a little brother.

For Dora Grace, her Boots is Devon, a 7-year-old brother and best friend she misses terribly and asks about every day.

“Dora is never as happy as when Devon comes to visit…they just smile and look at each other,” said Sablan who divides her time between the hospital and her three other young children at home.

Dora the Explorer’s surprise visit was a close second though.

“Dora Grace can’t join her brother and sisters at tonight’s show but at least they both will share the dream of meeting the characters,” said Sablan.

Princess Dora also shared her dream with other children hospitalized in CHC’s pediatrics unit.

From the ICU unit, Dora the Explorer and Kai-lan continued a walking visit to the kids’ ward much to the delight of young patients and family.

Cameras were clicking continually and even the nurses and staff could not contain their delight and posed for photos with the celebrity visitors.

“I’m going to send the photo to my nieces…they will think their aunt is so cool!” said one nurse giggling at the thought.

And so a little girl who was stricken by paralysis from the neck down by a mysterious illness five months ago continues to inspire a wide-ranging circle of admirers from President Obama to Dora the Explorer, much to the gain of everyone in the NMI.

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