Guam Democrats to maintain majority in Legislature

HAGÅTÑA — Tuesday’s general election results revealed some unexpected surprises, especially in the legislative race.

Frank Aguon

In the senatorial race, the 32nd Guam Legislature will still have a Democratic majority with nine Democrats, mostly incumbents, and six Republicans.

Booted out were incumbent senators Adolpho Palacios (D), Judi Guthertz (D), Mana Silva Taijeron (R), and Sam Mabini (R). Sen. Frank Blas Jr.’s (R) seat became vacant after he decided to run for U.S. Congress. He lost to the Democratic incumbent, Madeleine Bordallo

A familiar face is returning and four new freshmen senators enter the upcoming Legislature, namely, former Sen. Frank Aguon Jr. (D), Michael F.Q. San Nicolas (D), Tommy Morrison (R), Michael Limtiaco (R), and Brant McCreadie (R).

The failed re-election bids of Guthertz, Taijeron and Mabini shrink the number of women leaders in the Legislature down to three — Speaker Judi Won Pat and Sens. Tina Muna Barnes and Aline Yamashita.

The rankings in the unofficial results differed drastically from the exit polls conducted by the University of Guam Public Administration and Legal Studies Club which had Won Pat at the top of the list. Also in the exit poll, Palacios and Guthertz were still within the magic circle while McCreadie didn’t make the top 15 nor did Sen. Aline Yamashita. The unofficial results ranked Won Pat at number 10, Yamashita at 13 and McCreadie at 14.

The person who garnered the top spot in the senatorial race was Sen. Dennis Rodriguez followed by Aguon. The student poll had Rodriguez at number three and Aguon at two.

In the congressional race, Bordallo retained her position with 20,174 votes while Blas received 13,160 votes.

Overall, about 67 percent of the island’s registered voters went to the polls, which according to Guam Election Commission chairman Joe Mesa, was a low turnout.

The for-profit bingo initiative, or Prop A, was soundly defeated, with 20,189 no votes and only 10,982 in favor.