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Incidents of illegal dumping of trash and litter at Laolao Bay

(MINA) —The Laolao Bay Tasi Watch Outreach Program, under the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance, is focused on maintaining efforts in managing present threats to the bay: sedimentation pollution, littering, over fishing/poaching of protected marine life, destruction of land and marine life habitats.

The Laolao Bay Tasi Watch team consists of highly motivated community rangers and many active volunteers who are environmental stewards that role model healthy behaviors while enjoying recreational activities at Laolao Bay, along with outreach efforts throughout the community.

MINA would like to give special recognition to clubs and volunteers who participated in monthly beach cleanup events at Laolao for 2012: the Saipan Southern High Youth Environmental Ambassadors Club, Mount Carmel High School Volunteers and Alumni’s, Kagman High School Biology Club, Northern Marianas College Environmental Natural Resource Organization. MINA encourages more to join this year!

Through the Tasi Watch Community Ranger monitoring, there is still a need to reach more individuals in the community so we may reduce illegal dumping and litter. Please dispose our waste at designated trash and recycle bins, or take your trash home with you when you leave.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with MINA and become a Tasi Watch Ranger, please contact MINA at 233-7333 or at MINA is a 501(c) (3), non-profit, non-government organization. In order to continue our community programs such as Tasi Watch, please donate to MINA. Volunteering and community involvement is a vital part of MINA’s success. It is vital that we all understand our individual roles as stewards of the land, air and sea, and do our best to protect our precious natural resources here in our home islands. If you are interested in becoming a member of MINA, our Individual membership dues are $20 per year, student dues are $5 per year and business member dues are $100 per year.