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WWII documentary on Tinian in the works

THERE are tentative plans to produce a documentary on Tinian’s role during World War II.

Elizabeth Hobbs Krenik, the daughter of a WWII veteran who served on Tinian, is completing her book and hoping to see a documentary made on Tinian during the war.

Elizabeth Hobbs Krenik

Krenik is focusing on the experiences of crewmembers in the 505th Bombardment Group while stationed on Tinian.

The daughter of B-29 Superfortress pilot Richard Douglas Hobbs who served on Tinian, Krenik told Variety she believes in preserving as much of this history as possible for future generations.

Not only is a book to be published, but a documentary is also to be produced.

Krenik said, “I have a producer in Tulsa who wants to produce a documentary on the subject with a particular focus on the Pacific front.”

Krenik has been gathering memorabilia and the memoirs of her father and his fellow aviators and service members.

Her book will include never-before-published accounts of the war, including the “shocking” details.

“It was shocking when I first read it as my father never spoke of the horrors they witnessed, “ said Krenik referring to a journal written by her father’s friend Sig Ellingson.

The Garland, Texas-based Krenik said all the materials she has amassed over the years will be part of the book she has tentatively titled, “Journey to Tinian.”

Similarly, the Tulsa producer she is collaborating with is looking forward to working on the documentary that will focus on Tinian and the Pacific battles.

“He wants to focus primarily on the Pacific front and is working on raising the funds,” said Krenik.

Krenik has never been to Tinian, but said she is looking forward to finally making the trip.

She said she plans to bring along her “two teenagers.”

“If funds are short, only one of my teens may come. She is graduating from high school this year with hopes of going to Harvard. She is a top cadet in ROTC and never had the pleasure of meeting her grandfather,” said Krenik.

She added, “A trip to Tinian would be a wonderful graduation gift.”

Her fascination with the experiences of the service members on Tinian began when she sifted through hundreds of letters her father wrote to her mother during the war beginning with civilian flight training, through cadet school, their marriage, the birth of their first child, the trip to Tinian, the end of the war and the journey back home.

For Krenik, her father’s letters left her thirsty for more.

She has since solicited letters and journals and purchased some.

Krenik said she has these letters and a lot of photos of Tinian during WWII.

She told her friend Nancy Samp, the historian of the 505th Bombardment Group, that her father and Sig Ellingson were friends with a SeaBee officer named Yeager.

Krenik said Yeager was in charge of the photo lab on Tinian.

She said, “Our family has many, many photos because of my father’s close relationship with those in the photo lab.”