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Inos appoints Joaquin Borja to Senate

GOVERNOR Eloy S. Inos on Thursday last week appointed Joaquin Hoashi Borja to fill the seat vacated by now Lt. Gov. Jude U. Hofschneider.

New Sen. Joaquin Hoashi Borja, right, joins  fellow Tinian residents Ike Cabrera and Freedom Air manager Dennis Cruz in the Senate gallery during a session on Thursday.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano
Borja placed third in the 2009 Tinian senatorial elections won by Hofschneider and Sen. Francisco Q. Cruz. Borja also ran in the Nov. 2012 elections on the GOP slate, losing to Sen. Francisco M. Borja.

Joaquin H. Borja’s term ends in Jan. 2015.

Borja who was in the gallery during Thursday’s Senate session will be sworn in during another Senate session on Tinian tomorrow and this will be followed by Hofschneider’s public investiture.

The CNMI Constitution allows the governor to fill the vacancy by “appointing the unsuccessful candidate for the office in the last election who received the largest number of votes and is willing to serve or, if no candidate is available, a person qualified for the office from the district represented.”

In his appointment letter, Inos congratulated Borja and told him, “The lt. governor and I are pleased that you are willing to serve our people as a senator representing the people of Tinian and Aguiguan.”

Sen. Pete P. Reyes, R-Saipan, said during tomorrow’s session on Tinian, the Senate will accept Borja’s credentials and swear him in.

Reyes said he knows Borja well, having worked with him in the House of Representatives before. The senator said he knows Borja as a well-rounded legislator and one of those people who really understands the work of the Legislature.

“I am extremely confident that he is going to do a good job,” Reyes said.