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Administration to prioritize funding for construction projects

THE administration may put on hold requests for proposals on some construction projects, Gov. Eloy S. Inos told reporters last Friday.

He said there is a need to prioritize funding and his administration will have to change the scope of certain projects — either expand or limit them — because “we are trying to redirect some of the capital improvement funds to more critical areas.”

Two of these critical areas are related to water and wastewater services which the CNMI government is required to complete under the federal stipulated orders. Also considered urgent is the air-conditioning system at the Commonwealth Health Center as required by federal authorities.

The Commonwealth Utilities Corp., moreover, needs to replace water pipelines which will cost $1.7 million.

“We need to address some of those project so we might want to recalibrate some of the funding applications,” he said.

On Friday, Inos said he was also looking at canceling the RFP for the extension of the Marpi landfill project so his administration can figure out a better way to manage the project.

The Department of Public Works is reviewing proposals from five companies that want to run the landfill. One of them is Success International whose $229,000 no-bid contract was extended last January.

DPW Secretary Tony Camacho has said he was anticipating a 25- to 30-percent increase in the cost of managing the landfill, the contract for which will be for three years.

The four other companies that responded to the RFP were JG Sablan, GPPC, Tangs Corp. and RMIC.

Inos noted that the RFP is just for maintenance of the landfill.

“But there are other ways to run that project and make good use of the situation,” he said.

One example, he added, is gasification which will benefit the landfill because it will generate power.

Inos will meet with DWP officials and staffers this week to check on the status of the RFP process.

“We don’t want to commit ourselves to anything that might have to be converted into a different situation. We can do better with the project before we incur any costs and before anybody else incurs costs,” he said.

Asked if there are other RFPs that could be put on hold, he said: “There might be.”