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Xiaoping Chen tops art competition

A PAINTING of two island girls on the beach was named Best of Show in the 4th CNMI Art Competition. Xiaoping Chen work also won the Texter’s Choice Award and the first Governor’s Choice Award.

Chen, who attended school on Saipan and is a past recipient of the CNMI’s Most Outstanding Visual Artist Award, had already left the island but her mother Xia Yu Ying received the awards during the ceremony at the Bridge Capital LLC offices in Garapan on Wednesday afternoon.

John K. Baldwin, principal and CEO of Bridge Capital LLC, said: “I had the honor of helping three artists become internationally famous, and I’ve got a wonderful art collection with all sorts of art pieces.”

When he first arrived on island, one of his first questions was how local artists were being promoted. He said when he learned the artists were not being promoted very well, his company decided to hold an art competition.

“We had ideas about what could be done to help artists in the CNMI, and one was to provide a venue to showcase their work,” Baldwin said.  

Gove. Eloy S. Inos in his message thanked Bridge Capital for coming up with the annual art competition for the diverse talents of CNMI artists.

“Events like this will inspire more participants and allow them to demonstrate their skills and talents,” Inos said.

He said choosing the winners, especially the Governor’s Choice Award recipient, was not an easy task and he had to review the entries three times before making his choice.

“It was a tough choice, they were all good and exceptional,” Inos said.

Bridge Capital co-owner Shawn Scott congratulated all participants and said their company will continue to help artists showcase their talents.

Bridge Capital office manager/chief asset manager Allen Perez said that during the Festival, many expressed interest in buying the works displayed.

“This is part of what we are trying to do — to put commercial value on local artwork,” Perez said.

He added that they have been receiving emails from interested buyers and will help other potential buyers get in touch with the artists themselves.

Winners all

In the painting category for the 30-and-above bracket, Robert Hunter’s “The Dance” won first place. Coming in second was Rosemary A. Diaz’s “Starburst” while Edwardo Elenzano’s “Fish Hook” was third.

Maria Manalo’s painting “Sunset at Lighthouse” won first prize in the 1- to-30-year old bracket. Manalo was also the only artist in that bracket.

In the photography contest, Leslie Ware’s “Young Lady with Flame Tree” was first while Hervin Jacinto’s “The Taga Hut” came in second.

In the woodcarving and others category Nick Klewei’s intricately-carved story board called “Saipan (Pre-History)” won first place while Poland Yamada’s “Latte Stone” received the second prize.

At the kindergarten level, Jennifer Woo’s “Seaworld Friends” won first place. Among first graders, Jae Yun Jung’s “I fall into paradise” was the winner. Irene Lee’s “Play with me More” topped the entries of the second graders while the third-grade winner was Michelle Ji Yeon Jeon’s “Jump up high, the Pacific No. 1 CNMI.”

Lleyton Javier’s “The CNMI View ” entry was judged best in the fifth-grade category, while Michael Ren’s “I don’t want to be Alone” was the top seventh-grade entry. There was no entry from sixth graders.

Soon Ho Kwon’s “Half Closed” won in the eighth-grade division, while Andrea Bang’s “The Follower’s Dream” finished first among ninth graders.

The 10th-grade winner was Yaniel Maniacop for his “Fake Reality,” while Yong Jeong Annie Kim’s “Night Breeze” bagged the top prize among 11th graders. In the 12th-grade division, Anne Gelika Elenzano’s “The Habitat” was the winner.