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Northern Islands mayor’s office starts distributing ‘Save Pagan Island’ bumper stickers

THE Northern Islands mayor’s office is now distributing “Save Pagan Island,” according to program manager Jerome Aldan.

Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council Chairman Ramon B. Camacho shows one of the bumper stickers that will be distributed to the community.  Photo by Junhan B. Todeno
He said they have printed 650 bumper stickers and about a hundred will be sent to those in Hawaii helping the mayor’s office in the campaign against the “militarization” of the CNMI’s “northern frontier.”

Former Rep. William Torres, an advocate of the Northern Islands Resettlement and Redevelopment program, said they want to raise the awareness of the residents of the Northern Islands and the rest of the commonwealth, including those on Guam, California, Asia and Europe.

As of yesterday, the online petition against the proposed military exercises on Pagan had already reached 1,335.

Supporters should go to the Save Pagan Island and websites for comments.

Torres said some of the comments were very touching, quoting Lynyrd Puyat of Seattle: “It is inexcusable to allow the destruction, regardless of what representatives from the military promise or say, of Pagan. What’s worse is proposing the use of Pagan for military purposes in exchange for money. No money can ever replace the cultural significance or natural beauty that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. They claim they will not destroy but look to Hawai’i, FDM, Vieques, Diego Garcia, the Marshall Islands and so on.”

Former Rep. Cinta M. Kaipat, in her comments, stated: “Pagan is my childhood home. Allowing the military to destroy this beautiful island and deprive the former residents and their descendants from ever returning home is unacceptable. Free Pagan from the Military. Return her to her people now!”

Cindy Burrell of Highland Park, Illinois said she and her husband were Peace Corps volunteers who served as teachers on Pagan. “It is beautiful and does not deserve to be an ammunition target,” she said.