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Online petition to ‘save’ Pagan needs more signatures

THE online petition against proposed U.S. military exercises on Pagan has yet to reach even half of its goal, which is 3,000 signatures.

As of yesterday, the petition site recorded 1,350 supporters and needed 1,650 more before copies of the online petition can be delivered to the U.S. Military Naval Facilities Engineering Command of the Pacific, U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan and CNMI leaders.

Among the latest supporters is John Castro from Saipan who said Pagan was a “spiritual, physical, and mental necessity which all comes down to it being our well-being for the continuation of our traditional and cultural practices.”

Katrina Cruz from Saipan said “we must preserve the beauty Pagan possesses.”

Nonito Delos Reyes from Guam said he is a concerned individual who is indigenous to the CNMI.

“I am a military retiree but the preservation of Pagan against certain environmental devastation must be considered,” Delos Reyes said.

John Paul Aglubat from Saipan said “Pagan is a natural paradise that could be a useful resource for the Marianas in the future, we’re not going to let people bomb it.”

Carlos San Nicolas, who provided a military postal address in Europe, said “the Mariana Islands are my home. Like memories, I think a person’s home should be something someone should keep forever.”

He said it’s disturbing to think about “this happening to such a beautiful place.”

Lawrence Hocog from Salem, Oregon said “we have so much to learn, to share, to enjoy, and to share with future generations. Our islands are our home.”

Josephine Huddleston from Quincy, Illinois said her father was a teenage U.S. sailor who saw action on Saipan during WWII and the Navy sent him back to the island with his young family in the ‘50’s.

“I was born on Saipan in 1959. My father died in 1982. Could we please not blow up an island member of the commonwealth the U.S. has been defending for over 70 years? This is beyond outrageous,” Huddleston said.

John Attao, who provided a military post office address, said “I want Pagan pristine as it is today.”

Carlos Aguon from Saipan said “this island is the best because of all the features and the history about it,”

Vince Cabrera from Saipan said he has never been to Pagan. “I want to see it in its original form,” he added.

Those who want to sign the petition have the option to remain anonymous if they want to. Just keep the box unchecked on the petition page before you press “Sign.”

Go to for more information about the proposal of the U.S. military to use Pagan.

To support the petition, go to