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Authorization to clean Pagan for cruise liner visit secured

ECO-TOURSIM developer and architect Herman B. Cabrera says he was able to obtain a temporary authorization from the Department of Public Lands to conduct a cleanup of the volcanic island of Pagan.

The area will cover the West Side Shore at South Bay, South of Bandera Point Prior, Cabrera told Northern Islands Mayor Tobias DLC. Aldan.

Cabrera said the area will be developed for the visitors on passengers vessel MS Silver Explorer which will visit the Northern Islands in September next year.

Prior to and immediately after his presentation at the Northern Frontier Summit held by the Northern Islands Mayor’s Office in Sept. 2012, Cabrera said he would start work to establish eco-tourism on Pagan.

He told Aldan that his presentation at the summit recognized the potential community benefit in booking regular visits and stopovers by high-end cruise liners grounded on geo-tourism principle.

Cabrera said geo-tourism is tourism that sustains or enhances the geographic character or a place — its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of its residents.

He said geo-tourists tend to spend more compared to typical high-volume recreational travelers. Having 100 tourists spending $3,000 each on a cruise-liner leaves less of a carbon footprint than having 10,000 tourists with each spending $30, he added.

Cabrera said Gani Island, the old name for Pagan, deserves protection.

“This protection will enable our present generation and our future generations to have the opportunity to come, enjoy, appreciate and be renewed by Pagan’s vast historical and cultural resources, unspoiled black sand beaches, turquoise lake, volcanic hot spring water, coconut trees frontage beaches, lush green vegetation and the magnificent theatrical scenery of panoramic mountain granges and spectacular view of Pagan’s huge volcanic setting and its diverse wildlife population in open terrain on land and around its deep shorelines,” he said.

To help jump-start the undertaking, Cabrera said community networking, the involvement of residents and private-public sector partnership are required.

Cabrera said a committee is asking for his assistance to carry out a plan to clean and make Pagan healthy, safe, and hospitable to all visitors and guests, including the upcoming Silver Explorer tourists.

By January, he said the committee anticipates performing numerous community outreach activities.