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Save Pagan Island online petition gets over 4,000 signatures

NOW that their online petition has been signed by 4,000 supporters, Save Pagan Island advocates will submit a copy to the U.S. military, said Jerome Aldan yesterday.

Copies of the petition will also be presented to international, national and local elected officials, he added.

The online petition can be found at

“The strength of the online petition is its educational and informational capacity for widespread audience outreach and ongoing communication updates,” said Aldan who works at the Northern Islands Mayor’s Office as program manager.

He said the collective participation of the community through its opinion and action “provide a powerful arsenal equal to if not more powerful than all bombs combined.”

He added, “It is the essence of democracy that it is about the people, for the people, and because of the people.”

Aldan said the “Save Pagan Island” advocates are excited about and appreciative of the widespread public support for maintaining pristine and biologically diverse islands like Pagan for this and future generations.

“Pagan Island is a unique historical and cultural mecca — a place worth saving for ancestral connections and pilgrimages, learning and scholarship, invigoration and renewal like the Yellowstone Park and others similarly situated,” he added.

He said the people should protect Pagan from “island-killing machines, weapons of unfathomable destruction, dirty, noisy, smelly bombs, toxic chemicals and other toxic military toys.”

“We are humbled by the support of powerful organizations like the Sierra Club, other conservation groups in the U.S., including Hawaii, the CNMI’s Mariana Islands Nature Alliance, Guahan indigenous support groups, and other associations with over 9,000 supporters on top of the over 4,000 supporters on the Save Pagan Island website, not to mention other NGOs,” Aldan said.