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Petition against military exercises on Pagan has another online supporter

SAVE Pagan Island advocate Jerome Aldan yesterday said their campaign against military exercises on Pagan has gained the support of another online advocacy group — Care2 Make a Difference.

Aldan encouraged supporters to log on to (

“The original Save Pagan Island petition drive has taken on a life of its own,” he said.

The “care2petitionsite” aims to get 38,000 signatures from all over the word and had, as of yesterday, over 45,000 signatures already.

According to Chris Wolverton of Care2 Make a Difference, “the United States military is planning to occupy all of Pagan Island for military training and live-fire exercises, including bombing. These exercises are sure to devastate the island and its indigenous inhabitants.”

He added, “Pagan Island is one of the most biologically and ecologically diverse locations in the Marianas. It is home to many threatened and endangered species, and has supported ancestors of Pagan Islanders for over 3,000 years.”

Military training, he said, “is sure to compromise the health of islanders and devastate the island’s resources. Ballistic disturbances will erode the coast and damage Pagan’s coral reefs, and toxins left behind will pollute the island for centuries. Please sign the petition to convince the U.S. military to spare Pagan Island!”

Aldan said it is “both comforting and humbling to know that ordinary people from all walks of life do indeed ‘Care to Make a Difference’ in saving Pagan Island from unnecessary toxic military-related contamination, destruction of critical habitats, natural geological beauty, rich teeming marine wildlife, rare corals, endangered species, indigenous cultural resources and everything that makes Pagan in the Gani Islands the biological treasure house that it is just like the Nile River was to Egypt.”

The Roots Action and Sierra Club sites also have similar online petitions.

One of those who signed the Care2 Make a Difference petition was Jade Hawks of Arizona who said: “When will we stop destroying the very planet we all live on! This is insanity beyond comprehension and needs to stop now.”

Those who signed the petition are from various countries or jurisdictions, including Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Norway, Slovenia, Russia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, India, French Polynesia, Spain, El Salvador, Venezuela, Malaysia, Greece, Japan, South Africa, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.