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Pagan may host next year’s Chamorro conference

THE Konferensian Chamoru Steering Committee has requested the Northern Islands mayor’s office to host its conference next year on the volcanic island of Pagan.

In his letter, conference project coordinator Raymond R. Quintanilla provided Northern Islands Mayor Tobias Aldan planning information about the conference scheduled for July 2014, saying 100 delegates are expected to attend.

Quintanilla said the conference will focus on issues and concerns related to Chamorro language, culture and perspectives.

“It encompasses Chamorro representatives of all the inhabited islands of the Marianas,” he said.

The first conference was held on Guam in 2004 and subsequent events were hosted by Rota and Saipan.

“We look forward to your community’s input and participation for the success of this conference,” Quintanilla told the mayor.

He said their goal is to promote, preserve and apply traditional knowledge, innovations, expressions and practices of Chamoru culture as well as inspire, motivate and empower the Chamoru community.

Aldan, in his response, said his office commends the committee “for considering the lush, serene, and pristine island of Pagan to be the next host site” for the conference.

He added, “As you may know, the Gani Islands settlement dates back to early A.D. 1300 on the Eastern Pagan Coast. We urge the conferees to mark and remember this important milestone in human migration and settlement in the Mariana Islands which parallels the Konferensian Chamoru’s objective in promoting the application and practice of traditional knowledge, innovations, expressions, and customs of the Chamorro culture.”

The mayor said his office “embraces the conference in adding value to the collective culture of the local people of the Marianas.”

His office, he added, “supports the idea and welcomes the conference group to initiate what needs to be done to make the conference a successful event..”