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AMIM supports resettlement, opposes ‘militarization’

THE Association of Mariana Island Mayors, Vice Mayors and Elected Municipal Council, or AMIM, members support the resettlement of Pagan and is opposed to the military’s proposal to use the volcanic island for training and exercises.

In its meeting on Nov. 8, AMIM adopted a resolution introduced by Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council Vice Chairwoman Antonio M. Tudela, expressed solidarity with the people of Pagan who want to return to the island.

According to the resolution, “The planned militarization will prevent residents of Gani [Northern] Islands from their village and agricultural homestead lots pursuant to statute.”

The resolution was signed by AMIM president, Rota Mayor Melchor Mendiola, and secretary, Ordot/Chalan Pago Mayor Jessy Gogue of Guam.

The resolution states that the “planned wholesale militarization of Pagan will kill the resettlement and redevelopment plans” of the Northern Islands mayor’s office.

Military activities, the resolution added, are “incompatible with Pagan’s eco-tourism master plan and the agricultural master plan of Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Extension and Resource Service.”

The resolution said “Pagan’s militarization will bring untold destruction, contamination, pollution, and harm to the health and well-being of the people in the Marianas archipelago including mass destruction to cultural resources, critical habitats, and life webs in the Marianas chain.”

The U.S. military intends to conduct combined-unit, live-fire military training activities and maneuvers on Pagan, including amphibious, anti-submarine, mine, strike, air, surface, electronic warfare and Naval special warfare.