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Borja says he’ll reorganize Tinian GOP

SENATOR Frank M. Borja says he will “consolidate” the Republican Party on Tinian which is in disarray right now because too many politicians want to run on the GOP slate there.

In an interview yesterday, Borja IR-Tinian, said the party has named him interim chairman of the Tinian GOP.

Francisco Borja
“I will have to reorganize the party. That is first step. Then, after the reorganization, the party can select its candidates.”

He said right now “Everybody on Tinian is claiming to be a Republican.”

But Borja said this is not a problem. “That is a plus for the party. The problem is that too many want to run as Republican candidates.”

The real challenge, he added, is to select candidates without losing the support of those who will not be included on the slate.

Borja said the GOP on Tinian needs “additional time” to select its candidates.

“We haven’t had enough time,” he added. “In fact, we are not even ready for the kickoff.”

GOP President James Ada assured Tinian Mayor Ramon M. Dela Cruz that the selection of Republican candidates for Tinian will be “determined by the people of Tinian.”

Ada added, “Such decisions should be made by the Tinian GOP members and not by the GOP central committee on Saipan.”

Dela Cruz, who was elected on the GOP slate in 2009, earlier said it was “disrespectful” for Republicans on Saipan to select the candidates for Tinian.