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Inos approves new law expanding tourist district in CK

GOVERNOR Eloy S. Inos approved a local bill on Friday that expands the tourist district in Chalan Kanoa.

Authored by Saipan and Northern Island Legislative Delegation Chairman Ramon A. Tebuteb, Ind.-Saipan, House Local Bill 18-43, now Saipan Local Law 18-15, rezones 12 properties in Chalan Kanoa, from “village commercial” to “tourist resort.”

Seven properties near the beach in Chalan Kanoa are rezoned to tourist resorts — the four properties that Saipan Surfrider LLC was permitted to develop for a hotel resort, and three lots adjacent to Aquarius Beach.

The Commonwealth Zoning Board recommended the enactment of the measure which it says will maintain consistency in designating tourist zones in the area.

The new local law also rezones from “village commercial” to “tourist resort” nine lots between Aquarius Beach and Saipan Surfrider LLC.

In its recommendation to the legislative delegation, the Zoning Board said these lots have commercial businesses including retail outlets, restaurants, construction hardware store and a soon-to-open beach bar and grill just south of the Aquarius Hotel.

Inos also approved the appropriation of $112,000 in poker fee collections for various projects and activities on Tinian.

Authored by Rep. Trenton B. Conner, IR-Tinian, House Local Bill 18-48 is now Tinian Local Law 18-7.

Under the new law, $45,000 in poker money will go to retroactive payment of subsistence allowances for medical referral patients; $35,000, Tinian municipal scholarship; $15,000, Tinian and Aguigan Legislative Delegation; $10,000, Tinian Little League; $5,000, Attorney General’s Cup; and $2,000, Tinian Health Center.