N. Islands mayor completes prep. for cruise ship visit

THE staff of the Northern Islands mayor’s office and Pagan residents have constructed a cabin for tourists and other visitors, the mayor’s office program manager Jerome Aldan said.

He just arrived from Pagan where he said 20 people assisted the mayor’s office to prepare the volcanic island for the visit of cruise ship Silver Explorer on Sept. 28, 2014.

“The community is very supportive of the project,” he said.

The cabin measures 12 by 20 feet and is made of indigenous materials, he said, adding that they also cleaned the routes to the sightseeing areas on the island.

“The trail is wide and safe to walk on and we are done working on the welcome sign.”

Aldan said the residents on Pagan will maintain the trail and the cabin so both will remain clean and ready for the visitors.

Travelers on sailboats from New Zealand, Australia and Guam are already visiting Pagan, he added.