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Northern Island residents anxiously waiting for resettlement, development

NORTHERN Islands mayor’s office chief of staff Jerome Aldan said residents are still hoping for the implementation of resettlement and development programs, and that the government will, among other things, provide a water pump.

Aldan, who recently visited his constituents on Pagan, said they have also concerns about its dilapidated dock which, he said, needs to be repaired to ensure the safety of fishermen and residents.

The 20 residents there, he added, are also hoping that Public School System will extend its distant learning education to the remote and volcanic island.

Although, there are no children on Pagan, he said when the resettlement program progresses more residents will start coming back.

There are teachers who have expressed a willingness to be assigned to Pagan, he added.

“We should not deprive our children there of education,” he said.

Aldan admitted that their proposals require funding that the CNMI government may not have.

“But we need support from the government,” he said, as he urged the governor’s office and the Legislature to consider the needs of the people in the Northern Islands.

Aldan was on Pagan from April 8 to June 18 to help prepare the island of a cruise ship visit in September.

He said he discussed with the residents there the military plan to use the island for training exercises.

He said the residents are against the military proposal.

“They want the CNMI people, and not only them, to enjoy the land and its rich resources.”