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Science group marks 10th anniversary

A FORUM that promotes science, science education, and environmental management is marking its 10th anniversary with a four-day conference at American Memorial Park.

Yesterday, the Asia Pacific Academy of Science, Education and Environmental Management or APASEEM kicked off its celebration with the conference at the Visitor Center of American Memorial Park.

The conference runs from Nov. 17 to Nov. 20.

One of the founders, John Furey heads the list of featured presenters.

Yesterday, he provided a historical overview of the organization.

Other featured speakers on the first day were Julie Mushynsky, who discussed the archaeology of WWII Karst Defenses in the Pacific; Jill Liske-Clark, the CNMI wildlife action plan; Chase Beal, Propagating polychaete worms; Noemi Caacbay, Arnold Route, surveillance of Philippine fruit fly and mango fruit fly; and Charles Kaaiai, engaging local fisheries communities in resource management.

For the session on Nov. 18, the featured speakers and topics are Dr. Ryan Okano, algal communities of the future; Julia Fuller and Roger Goodwill, sea urchin studies; Lean Teodoro, Maria Dizon, and Roy Adsit, utilizing physical barriers to prevent stings and inhibiting jellyfish stinging cell discharge; Dr. Michael Weber, Roger Goodwill, Shane Gold, Oscar Walter Johnson, and Lee Tibbets, determining Pacific Golden Plover trans-Pacific migration routes using geolocators and satellite transmitters; Nadya Muchoney, Elizabeth Wandrag, Rose Miller, Amy Dunham and Haldre Rogers, the role of seed dispersal in forest dynamics; Shahram KhosrowPanah and Brian Bearden, optimizing operation of Saipan water distribution system using diurnal demand pattern and system pressure.

Tomorrow, presenters will include Gary Denton and John Starmer, heavy metals in WWII dumpsites and impact on soil sediments; Mark Lander, post WWII climate of Guam and CNMI; Shane Gold, Roger Goodwill, Michael Weber, and Oscar Walter Johnson, mate fidelity of Pacific Golden Plover; Mohammad H. Golabi, Sydonia Manibusan, and Clancy Iyekar, converting badlands using Vetiver grass; John Fraser, graphical analysis of Saipan —May 1944 vs. May 1945.

On the fourth day of the conference, the presenters are Michael Trianni, coral reef fishery landings the Saipan-based commercial free dive spear fishery; Dr. Todd Miller, Hiyok die offs in the CNMI; Steve McKagan, Jeff Maynard, Steve Johnson, Lyza Johnston, and Laurie Raymundo, coral reef resilience assessments — surveys of 85 reefs; John Gourley, “Are Saipan Reef Fish Really Overfished?”; Steve Johnson, coral reef disturbance and recovery dynamics differ across gradients of localized stressors in the CNMI.

On its website, APASEEM states that among its goals are to serve as an advocacy-neutral hosting forum for science, science education, and environmental management presentations; to promote discussions of mutual interest amongst regional science and environmental management professionals, teachers, students, and the general public; and to help sponsor grant and donation-funded noteworthy projects within these disciplines.