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Local artist speaks out for Pagan on Guam

ALTHOUGH she resides on Guam, local artist Analee Camacho Villagomez is speaking up for Pagan by opposing the military’s plan to use portions of the remote, volcanic island as a training site.

In a recent interview, Villagomez said she loves being a Pacific islander and is deeply concerned about military training sites in the region.

“America has a lot of land, why would they want to take ours?” she asked.

She is concerned about the health of the community, noting that chemicals used in military training will impact the islands’ environment, its air and water.

As a nature lover and artist, Villagomez said she has visited the different islands of the Marianas.

Analee Camacho Villagomez on Pagan.  Contributed photoAnalee Camacho Villagomez on Pagan. Contributed photo

Through the social networking site Facebook, Villagomez is asking her friends on Guam and the CNMI to support “saving” Pagan from the military.

“They want to bomb your island! Pagan…your Marianas…what about your health?” she asked.

“Bikini Island, Runit Island and Kwajalein Island in the Marshall Islands are all messed up because of U.S. military training. Kohoholawe Island in Hawaii as well…. No means No! We must keep our eyes open not just for the Marianas but for the whole world,” she said.

Villagomez said she is speaking as a concerned citizen and as an ordinary citizen.

“I am just me. I love our islands. Let us take care of what we have,” she said.