DPW spokesman: Ada’s appointment not political

COMMUNITY members who doubt the leadership skills of acting Secretary of the Department of Public Works James Ada should not worry about anything because he has the experience needed to run DPW projects and programs, DPW public information officer Philip Atalig told Variety in an interview on Saturday.

James AdaJames Ada
Atalig said some in the community “think that it is political,” referring to the appointment of Ada, the NMI Republican Party president.

“The fact is, he is a highly qualified and a very responsible person,” Atali said.

He added that the administration would not have nominated Ada if it felt that he did not have the needed skills.

Atalig said Ada has served DPW for a decade now and, because of this, “he knows exactly what to do.”

Ada has a good relationship with his subordinates and is “hands-on in everything,” Atalig added.

Ada, in a separate interview on Thursday, said he is familiar with DPW programs because of his experience with the department.