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Speaker says military can conduct live-fire training on Tinian using old ordnance

SPEAKER Joseph Deleon Guerrero said the military can conduct live-fire training using ordnance stored on Tinian so lawmakers can see the impact of the proposed bombing activity.

Joseph Deleon GuerreroJoseph Deleon Guerrero
The speaker, in an interview, said he suggested to Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert Scher that a live-fire training be conducted so people can actually hear and see the activity.

He said the Defense official said they will invite lawmakers to Hawaii so they can witness an actual live-fire activity.

But according to the speaker, “It’s like apples and oranges. It’s totally different. We want to see it here so we can see the impact on our island.”

He added, “So I don’t think going to another place to see live-fire activity will convince us. It’s not going to give us the results that will convince us.”

The speaker said there is some unexploded ordnance on Saipan and Tinian, and the military can probably use them in a live-fire activity to prove to the people of CNMI that there won’t be any impact on the environment.

“Why don’t they blow a hole on Tinian using the ordinance found there? At least start with that and go from there. I do want them to perform a demonstration because the demo can show us that what we are seeing is true and not just because they are telling us it’s true.”