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Environmental Science Associates seek meeting with Alternative Zero Coalition

(Press Release) — After meeting with Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas on Saturday, June 28, 2015, Jim Keany, director of Environmental Science Associates, and his team met with Alternative Zero Coalition leaders Debbie Fleming and Kimberly King-Hinds of Fanacho Marianas.

Debbie and Kim gave Keany and his team a tour around Tinian and pointed out the many important and significant cultural sites, among others, that would be greatly impacted by the military’s proposed use of Tinian for live-fire target practice. Keany described his meeting in Tinian as “long and productive.”

From left,  Gen Cabrera, co-founder, Guardians of Gani and Alternative Zero Coalition; Jim Keany, director, Environmental Science Associates; Cinta Kaipat, co-founder, PaganWatch and Alternative Zero Coalition; Nick Yost, Team leader, Dentons US LLC; Gus Kaipat, co-founder, PaganWatch and Alternative Zero Coalition; and Matt Adams, Dentons legal counsel.  Contributed photo

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Keany arranged a breakfast meeting with some leaders of the Saipan Alternative Zero Coalition. He met with Genevieve S. Cabrera of Guardians of Gani and Cinta M. Kaipat and her brother Gus Kaipat of PaganWatch.

At the introductory meeting, Keany listened to concerns raised about the military’s proposed plans for Pagan and Tinian and he encouraged the coalition to send him copies of all comments so that they would be submitted as part of the CNMI’s official comments.

Keany also informed the coalition that he and his team will be back for the July 15-17 public hearings on Saipan and Tinian.

Cinta Kaipat states that “the Alternative Zero Coalition extends its heartfelt appreciation to Jim Keany for requesting the meetings with the Alternative Zero Coalition leaders. The meetings were much appreciated and it was a pleasure meeting Jim, as well as his team members Nick Yost, team leader, Dentons US LLC and Matt Adams, legal counsel for Dentons.”

Coalition leaders pledged their full support and assistance at the upcoming public hearings.