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Newly arrived doctor quits, leaves island

DOCTOR Paul Lifland, an orthopedic surgeon, has returned to the U.S. after his request for an accommodation in a hotel by the beach was not granted by the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation and its contractor.

CHCC Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna said Lifland arrived on Monday and decided to leave on Tuesday.

Variety learned from other hospital sources that Lifland told CHCC officials that he could not stand the island’s situation and the lack of continuous power and water supplies.

Lifland said he wanted to stay in a hotel by the beach but was informed that all such hotels were fully booked.

According to Muna, Lifland told them, “I cannot stay here,” and blamed the contractor who hired him for not telling him that Saipan is a disaster area.

But Muna said the contractor did inform Lifland of Saipan’s situation.

“And we tried our best to provide him the best accommodations that we could offer. We provided him with a room in a hotel that has continuous water and power; unfortunately he wanted a hotel by the beach.”

The hospital had already made arrangements for some patients that needed to be seen by Lifland, but “he lacks compassion,” Muna said, adding that instead of helping a community that was recently hit by a typhoon, “he decided to leave just because his hotel is not by the beach.”

But Muna said CHCC is thankful “to see who Lifland truly is.”

CHCC is now working with its contractor to hire another doctor who is expected to arrive by mid-September.

“We are moving on,” she added.

Variety tried but failed to get a comment from Lifland.