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Consultant: ‘Gaming industry is good tool for tourism growth’

THE gaming industry is good for tourism growth but if Saipan wants to compete as a world-class destination it should improve its current hotel facilities and build more rooms, casino consultant Andrew Klebanow told Variety.

He arrived on Saipan last week to observe the island’s fledgling gaming industry.

He has visited more than 700 casino facilities all over the world and Best Sunshine and Club 88 are 752nd and 753rd on his list.

Andrew KlebanowAndrew Klebanow

Klebanow noted that there’s a lot of poker establishments on island, and added that there’s nothing wrong with it as long as they help the economy of the island.

However, the island lacks hotel rooms, he added, and some of the hotel rooms or facilities are declining or deteriorating.

“The rooms are not in very good condition. If Saipan wants to compete as a world-class destination, then they should improve the hotel room quality, improve their properties, and most of all increase the number of hotel rooms. It’s the only way to attract tourists and attract more airlines on Saipan.”

Klebanow said the gaming industry is a very good form of entertainment and a very good tool to help the tourism industry grow.

“In addition to the beach and dining in, gaming is a very good form of entertainment at night when there’s nothing much to do. It’s perfect for a place like Saipan with a good climate, good beaches and good views. Gaming is another good activity to enjoy with when you are on vacation.”

Klebanow is the owner of Global Market Advisor, a consulting firm engaged in casino and hotel development.

His firm provides advice to casino investors.

“We also do feasibility studies on casino development as well as hotel development and what the gaming revenue potential is and gaming market,” he said adding that he has been working in the casino industry since 1977.

Klebanow arrived here on Wednesday and left the island early Saturday morning.