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Donald Trump’s senior adviser visits Saipan

REPUBLICAN presidential candidate Donald Trump’s senior adviser visited Saipan last week to learn more about the various issues that the commonwealth is facing including those relating to its workforce, the military buildup and tax reform.

From Saipan, Alan Cobb left for Guam on Friday night and will be heading to American Samoa this week to gather information about the concerns of those territories.

Alan CobbAlan Cobb

In an interview on Friday, Cobb said the federal CW program for the CNMI is a unique issue and they want to understand it in order to address it.

“I think it’s a unique issue and a legitimate concern for the island, and we are here to figure out what the right path forward is,” he said adding he will also discuss it with Trump who continues to maintain a significant lead in the latest GOP presidential poll survey.

Cobb said he is “getting the perspective of the folks here and their unique situation.”

Cobb said they also need to look at H-visas to ensure that they are not being abused, adding that there are many things to be considered like the processing period.

Trump is for stronger border control, the imposition of limits on new immigration and is against granting amnesty to illegal aliens. He also believes that it was not the intent of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to allow for “anchor babies,” or children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens.

Cobb said Trump is pro-military and supports its buildup in the region, but is also aware that it is a very sensitive issue in the CNMI and Guam, so they will have to look at this issue very carefully.

Asked what Trump’s priorities would be if elected president, Cobb said: “His top three are getting the economy back, tax reform and rebuilding the military as he believes we need to strengthen our military forces and secure the borders across the country.”

The Republican parties of the CNMI, Guam and American Samoa are affiliated with the national GOP and will have delegates at its 2016 national convention.