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Adios to one of the CNMI’s founding fathers

(Press Release) — Vicente T. Camacho was one of the pioneers of our Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands government.

Vicente T. Camacho signs the Covenant, which made the islands part of the U.S., on Feb. 15, 1975.  Contributed photoVicente T. Camacho signs the Covenant, which made the islands part of the U.S., on Feb. 15, 1975. Contributed photo
He was a great leader, patient and kind, and he put the people first. He was a much respected individual in the community. His character reflected his accomplishments for the people of Saipan.

He passed away on Jan. 2, 2016 at the age of 86 years old.

He was speaker of the Saipan Municipal Council from 1970 to 1975. In the absence of the mayor of Saipan, he was the acting mayor. He did a lot to improve the livelihood of the people of Saipan.

He was also a member of the Marianas Political Status Commission which negotiated the Covenant with the U.S. and was one of its signatories.

The other commission members were the chairman, Edward D.L.G. Pangelinan, vice chairman Vicente N. Santos, the late Juan L.G. Cabrera, the late Jose R. Cruz, the late Bernard V. Hofschneider, Benjamin T. Manglona, the late Daniel T. Muna, the late Dr. Francisco T. Palacios, the late Joaquin I. Pangelinan, Manuel A. Sablan, the late Joannes B. Taimanao and Pedro A. Tenorio.

In 2004, the Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council adopted a commemorative resolution commending Vicente T. Camacho and the other members of the Marianas Political Status Commission.

We salute the founding fathers of our Covenant. For those who are no longer with us, may they rest in peace. For those who are still with us, we continue to salute you as we also continue to enjoy this precious Covenant that created our existing CNMI government.

Vicente T. Camacho played a major role in the Marianas Visitors Bureau which is now the Marianas Visitors Authority. Because he was fluent in the Japanese language, he was an asset to the bureau. He spearheaded the Japan-Northern Marianas friendship group through the Ocean University Student Exchange Program known as Wakai Neko No Kai.

He was also the vice president and manager of Marianas Printing Services and, with his daughters Lillian and Julie, he opened a family business, Bencam Enterprises of which he was the president and owner until 2014. Bencam Enterprises offers funeral services, and has a wedding and flower shop as well as a party store and is also in apartment rentals.

Vicente T. Camacho was born on Saipan on April 5, 1929 and was married to Rita Reyes Duenas. They were blessed with three children: Lillian, Norbert and Julie who live in Chalan Kiya.