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GOP to hold caucus today

THE local Republican Party will hold a presidential caucus on the three main islands simultaneously today, Tuesday, at 6 p.m.

The caucus on Saipan will be held at the Minachom Atdao in Susupe while that on Tinian will be held at the residence of Rita Manglona in San Jose village. On Rota, the venue will be the roundhouse.

The party’s titular head, Gov. Ralph Torres, has already endorsed frontrunner Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential candidate, but the businessman’s closest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, on Monday was still appealing for the CNMI Republicans’ support.

In a statement, Cruz said:

Ted CruzTed Cruz

“In the Pacific Century, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands occupies a vital place. Your islands are of greater significance than ever as the world pivots to the Pacific and the United States confronts major security and economic challenges in Asia, including missile defense, trade and freedom of the seas.”

“The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is of great strategic importance to the United States and under a Cruz administration, we will recognize and honor that fact. And my administration will work closely with the CNMI government on issues that directly affect your future.

“I will also take on the issues that not only matter to Americans in the 50 states, but that matter to you as well — uncontrolled immigration, overregulation, and in particular the jobless economic stagnation and national decline that Obama/Clinton policies have imposed on the country. I have put forward specific plans to restore jobs and growth, to rip up Obamacare and end skyrocketing health care premiums while providing greater choice and abundance of care to all Americans, including our veterans who have been greatly shortchanged in their health care.

“Most recently, I have put forward a plan to rebuild America’s military, which will feature a major expansion in active duty military personnel in all four services — Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.”

“I am committed to relieving all Americans including the people of the Northern Marianas from excessive burdens imposed by federal agencies, including unfunded mandates which strangle businesses and job creation.

“Ever since the people of Texas elected me, my record has been marked by one overriding feature: I have done what I said I would do. These plans will not be forgotten once the campaign is over and government begins. I ask for your vote in the Presidential Caucus and look forward to working with you to ensure not only the prosperity of your islands but of our common United States.”