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Administration issues statement on lawsuit filed against the Navy

(Office of the CNMI Governor) — The administration has just obtained a copy of the complaint and is in the process of going through and reviewing that document at this time. However, some of the allegations made in the complaint track the concerns this administration has raised over the past several years.

First, there is the question of whether the live-fire training proposed under the Guam Relocation Project and CJMT Project are consistent with the Covenant between the United States and the CNMI. That is one of the topics under discussion in the ongoing Section 902 consultations between the two governments.

A second set of concerns addresses the cumulative effects of all the different on-going and proposed DoD activities in our islands, including the Guam Relocation Project, the Divert Project, the Mariana Islands Training and Testing Project, and the CJMT Project. We are in general agreement with the portions of the Complaint alleging that these cumulative effects have never been properly disclosed, studied, or mitigated. In fact, the Governor’s Office raised this very concern in its comments on the Draft EIS.

All of these proposals share a common geography and a common timing. All of these proposals will impact the same economic and environmental resources. It appears that they are part of a common plan of development by DoD.   The four proposals should have been presented to the people of the CNMI at the same time, so that the cumulative effects from these projects would be properly considered and subject to meaningful public input as is required under the National Environmental Policy Act.