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CW cap may be reached soon

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres on Monday said the CW cap for fiscal year 2017 may be reached sooner than projected.

The administration, he added, is closely monitoring the situation with the limited FY 2017 CW cap of 12,998.

“It is concerning that the 2017 cap is being approached earlier than of FY 2016, but in the current environment of labor shortages and increased economic activity we will continue to see this issue occurring until we make the necessary adjustments to the CNRA [the federalization law] to allow for continued economic growth, more jobs for U.S. eligible workers, and greater government resources to provide for the people of the CNMI,” the governor said in a statement toVariety.

But he said the extension of the transition period, which will end in Dec. 2019, is not guaranteed. He continues to urge businesses to take a close look at their personnel and make decisions today that will safeguard their operations in the long-term.

“The more U.S. workers hired and the greater number of CW visas converted into alternative visa classifications today, the better it is for our economy as we continue to grow it,” Torres said.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as of Sept. 20, 10,256 CW permits had already been approved.

Legislation increasing the CW cap to 18,000 and extending the CW program to 2029 remains pending in the U.S. Congress.