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Senator Santos: Let’s invest in CHCC

SENATOR Teresita Santos said the CNMI should invest in its one and only hospital by having foreign physicians on board to ensure that it is able to provide affordable and quality care for the people of the commonwealth.

Santos, who chairs the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, said CHCC has submitted its strategic plan to the panel.

“Their goal is to offer affordable and accessible care for all the people here. They visualize a thriving and highly efficient system that is responsive and responsible in every aspect of the work they do in prevention, treatment and aftercare for all those who come through their doors,” Santos said in an interview.

She said it is time to consider having foreign physicians on board.

“With the amount of money the CNMI government spends on medical referrals each year, referring patients to foreign doctors for treatment, perhaps it’s critical that we take an in-depth look at the H1-B visa program relative to obtaining the services of foreign physicians for CHCC.

“Currently, CHCC does not have any foreign physicians on board. With adequate preparation, foreign physicians should be able to get employment authorization in the U.S. especially in medically underserved areas or health professional shortage areas. Let’s invest in our CHCC to ensure its strategic plan reaches fruition for the benefit of our people and the entire CNMI.”

At a recent meeting with lawmakers, officials of the Board of Professional Licensing/Health Care Professions Licensing Board reported that there is a procedure in place for hiring foreign physicians, adding that they have to secure an H1-B visa to practice in the commonwealth.

But the officials said the issue is that no one is applying for the jobs, especially from the Philippines.