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Latte Training Academy announces scholarship recipients

(Press Release) — The Latte Training Academy Inc. recently notified four applicants of its Founders Scholarship Program of their decision to award a total of $5,000.00 in college scholarships.

The four students include PSS graduates Angel Mar Pamintuan, Eloise Lopez, Sam Esturas and You Nae Lee, all of whom are currently enrolled at an accredited post-secondary educational institute. The inaugural round of scholarships was offered exclusively to students who participated in the program as part of the Latte Training Academy’s partnership with the CNMI Public School System.

“We are certainly excited for the selected awardees as they are clearly making progress towards achieving their goals through the pursuit of higher education. While some of the students who were selected are pursuing career goals outside of the hotel and hospitality course they took through the Latte Training Academy, all the students are utilizing the skills and experiences gained through their participation in our program,” said Latte Training Academy’s Executive Director Arielle Buyum.

You Nae Lee, who was awarded the Marianas Scholarship is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Jacobs University in Germany. When asked about how her involvement with the Latte Training Academy helped shape her current success, she stated, “To someone who is pursuing a degree in Psychology, the hospitality program may sound far off, but it actually is not. Hospitality in general is in every major, and communication is one of the most important factors in future jobs. Psychology also includes counseling, which is being able to empathize and understand people as well, and going through the [hospitality] course helped me understand this.”

Sammy Esturas, also a recipient of the Marianas Scholarship, encourages current PSS students to take advantage of the courses offered through the Latte Training Academy. “Ever since I have had the privilege of taking the Latte Training Academy program, I have realized that my motivation to keep pushing myself for my degree is stronger than it was before taking the program. The program is so much more rewarding than just an assurance of getting hired in the future. It is an experience that leaves you wiser and much more determined to do great things with your life.”

Angel Mar Pamintuan, currently a student at Guam Community College, encourages current PSS students to take the program. “Although former students may describe the LTA program as rigorous and an abundance of work, the overall experience is an adventure. Throughout my involvement with the after-school hospitality class, I had learned and gain more confidence in myself,” says Pamintuan.

The sole recipient of the Julian Aguon Humanitarian Scholarship, Eloise Lopez, provides advice for students who are thinking about registering for the program. “Even if you don’t know what it means to you and how it’s going to affect you, just take it. Take the course, because I didn’t know what I wanted to be until AHLEI came to my life and it became where I am today. Take it because it could be something new for you to learn and it could also be something you could do as your career.”

The Latte Training Academy, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization, offered its inaugural round of scholarships to Latte Training Academy participants who participated through the organization’s partnership with the CNMI Public School System, however the current Board of Directors anticipates opening eligibility to its adult learners who have been referred through its other partners, including the CNMI Department of Labor and the CNMI Department of Commerce.

Newly inducted board member, Ed Ariolla Jr. says, “I am thoroughly impressed by the work that has been done by this organization. To know that the Latte Training Academy has trained over 300 residents in the areas of Hotel and Hospitality as well as the Allied Health field with a job placement rate of 80 percent is tremendous. Not only is the organization addressing a critical need of workforce development, they continue to give back to the community. Not many people know this, but in addition to the scholarship program, the Latte Training Academy quietly donated $4,000 worth of drinking water in the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Soudelor across Saipan. It is these factors that prompted me to join the board and be part of an organization that is not about the fanfare, but more so about doing the work that is needed.”