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Saipan mayor’s assistant: There should be a law against ‘nuisance’ parking

VEHICLES are being abandoned on public roads because of the government’s failure to put an end to “nuisance” parking, assistant to the Saipan mayor Henry Hofschneider said.

Henry HofschneiderHenry Hofschneider
“There should be a law that regulates parking in villages,” he added.

Some owners are “parking” their vehicles only to abandon them, he said.

Asked how parking in the villages can be regulated, Hofschneider said the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation can pass a measure empowering the municipal government to issue tickets for illegal parking.

The mayor’s office has been removing junk cars in villages since December, but abandoned cars on public and private lots will continue to increase if there is no law against doing so, he added.

Some of these vehicles already pose a hazard to motorists, he said.

Since last year, the Saipan Zoning Office has been tagging abandoned cars on private and public property, and they must be removed by their owners by a certain date.