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Propst to reintroduce bill against animal cruelty

REPRESENTATIVE Edwin Propst on Wednesday said he will reintroduce his bill against animal cruelty which was passed by the House but got “stuck” in the Senate in the 19th Legislature.

House Bill 19-55 or the Animal Protection Act of 2015 aims to prohibit cruelty or theft of animals and to provide penalties for such acts.

Propst said he introduced the bill to protect animals from any form of cruelty or abuse.

He said there have been numerous acts of cruelty and theft involving animals in the CNMI, but there is no law to protect them from abuse.

He said it is time to put something in place to protect animals from any abuse or cruelty.

It is also high time that adults lead by example, showing kindness and caring for animals so that children grow up knowing how to care for them properly, he added.

Recently, Saipan Cares for Animals reported two cases of animal cruelty: one involving a dog that was tied up and left to drown in the water, and another related to a puppy that was brutally attacked with a knife by someone attempting to kill it.

Jason Hudy of SCA said “the worst part of this case [involving the puppy is that] the people know exactly who did this…. Their neighbor has a history of violence toward animals, has told them before he will hurt their animals, and was apparently watching suspiciously when the family arrived home. But, as of today, there are no animal protection laws on Saipan so just as in [the] case with the dog left to drown in the ocean, this act is not against the law on Saipan. It is because of cases like this, two cases in the last two weeks, that we need Rep. Ed Propst’s proposed Animal Protection Act to pass as quickly as possible.”

To sign a petition against animal cruelty, visit and on the home page click the “sign the petition” link to sign the petition.

SCA is also asking residents to call their lawmakers and urge them to pass the Animal Protection Act.