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Kamaryn Sablan to attend Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders

A FORMER Saipan student has been selected by the National Academy for Future Scientists and Technologist as a delegate to the upcoming Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders.

Kamaryn Sablan will represent South County Secondary School, where she is currently enrolled, and the Commonwealth of Virginia at the Congress which will be held June 29-30 and July 1, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kamaryn SablanKamaryn Sablan

Sablan attended Kagman Elementary School and Chacha Oceanview Junior High School.

“This is such a great honor for her as it is a highly selective national program honoring academically superior high school students who are dedicated to a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,” her parents Martha and Eric Sablan said.

“As a Pacific Islander of Northern Marianas Decent, this is particularly important to her, as these are fields in which minorities are underrepresented,” her parents said.

Kamaryn Sablan is the granddaughter of the late Juan Reyes “Tong” Sablan and Angeline Flores Sablan and the late Margarita Palacios Agulto Retan.

National Academy Science director and 2006 Nobel Prize winner in physics John C. Mather said Kamaryn Sablan was selected based on her academic record, leadership potential and her desire to contribute to the field of science and technology.

“You were selected through our academic partnership with Washington Adventist University,” Mather told Kamaryn Sablan.

Mather said the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders is a highly selective national program honoring academically superior high school students dedicated to careers in science, technology, engineering or math.

He said it is an academic honors program with a strict requirement of a minimum 3.5 grade point average.

At the Congress, Kamaryn Sablan will meet with Nobel Prize winners, deans of top universities, world leaders in science, the nation’s most innovative and successful technologists, and award-winning young inventors and scientists for “three once-in-a-lifetime days of awe-inspiring motivation, excitement, friendship and education.”

The Congress will discuss and observe state-of-the-art inventions and participants will be inspired by world changing researchers, futurists and technologists.

“You will be guided by some of the greatest minds in science and technology — men and women who are literally leading humanity into the miracles of the 21st century,” Mather told Kamaryn Sablan.

Among the honored speakers at the Congress are NASA retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Nobel Prize in physics winner David Wineland, National Medal of Science recipient Sylvester James Gates, National Medal of Technology recipient Robert S. Langer, genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter and Ethernet inventor Robert Metcalfe.

Mather said Kamaryn Sablan will make long-term friendships with those who share her dreams and passion.

At the close of the Congress, Kamaryn Sablan will be presented with the inscribed National Academy of Future Science and Technologist Award of excellence, “which will open many doors for her future endeavors.”

Kamaryn Sablan, however, still needs to pay for her tuition, transportation, lodging and meals.

Her parents are hoping that the CNMI community can help.

“We greatly appreciate any amount you can contribute to help her reach her goal,” they said.

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